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Christmas and New Year 2014 ...The Meaning of Life (English version) Xiomara J. Pages

Christmas and New Year 2014
The Meaning of Life    ( End of Year Reflection )
Xiomara J. Pages              December 24, 2013

Again , Christmas, and another year is coming .... 2014...!
Christmas,  Hannukah , Kwanzaa ... the goal  is celebration of love , friendship, and family, with the presence of a Creator , a God , even with friends who claim to be atheists,  because love has no name . Different times and eras, different customs, different cultures , generations , other ways of living and seeing life, these  differences  change  the meaning of it.

Where did the time go , I asked and someone answered me,  that time does not go,  we  are the ones  going , because time is eternal.

We communicate with each other through devices and accessories : cell phones, computers , texts , voicemails , we have already surpassed the complaints of yesteryear with the new radio and television. However, I keep wondering if we have progressed in this business of communicating with each other.  Sometimes , with so many ways to do this,  we still  do not answer the call or the text of a mother, neither we know how  a child  really feels,  if he/she is happy or sad, if your friend needs  you with urgency ... if we can help someone ill or in need of a pat or a hug , because we have created such a busy and stress-filled life, that the most important things are forgotten.  And " what is important is invisible to the eye " said Antoine De Saint -Exupery , in its small but famous book " The Little Prince . "

Christmas for Christians, means  the birth of a baby Jesus   (who is God made ​-man ) , to live a life like ours but with a meaning,  to die crucified to save us from evil, and  to revive  so that  good succeed . Others, still await the coming of a Messiah as Christians did , to accomplish the same mission.  And many others think that there is not one life, but many re- incarnations , and that every life is a purification of the above , to be a better person yet.

What is the meaning of life? ... Do you ever wonder ? ... All of us at what point or another, have  asked this question , especially when we are going through hard times , because when everything  goes well, we forget that we are mortal .  Some people  respond  that they  better  don't  delve into this question,  because there  is   ' no sense. '    Others experience it as something bad , that  has to be justified with a thousand  reasons, because it really has no explanation.  Some people only see as a simple punishment, whether  it  is  being  born , or  everything that happens in their  lives.

To  make sense of life , has been an ongoing task in the history of mankind, in all fields : philosophical, scientific , psychological, theological / religious , and the answers  are the product of each culture and ideology,  of each civilization and belief.  We are the product of what we live .

What our grandparents  thought  and believed no longer goes with our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren, are  a lot further from our way.  It  also depends on whether  we are rich or poor, whether  we are black or white;  if you 're Anglo or Latino , African , Middle Eastern or Asian ;  depends,  of course  on the age , gender, lifestyle , we have chosen to live .   A sick or blind  person, cannot see life the same way  that a  healthy  person  with eyes can.

Our way of living  affects our happiness , our consciousness.  From there we create   our values ​​, ethics , good and evil,  to believe or not believe in God,  life after death,  or  the existence of the soul.  The meaning of life is linked therefore to our conception  of  it ,  and the way so rushed  currently living , and we eat fast, drive a car at high speed, beings slaves to the  clock,  between  avenues and highways prone to catastrophe  at any point...  often living beyond the means we have , pressured  by finances , staying  just a  short time  to really   LIVE .... and all that, produces  stress,  and   stress  gets you sick , and kills.   All this makes us very impatient  and moody  beings ,  who cannot  wait in order to achieve a goal , after much effort , as it was  in our grandparents'   time .   And in conclusion, we live life  quickly , and neither we wonder why we are here and if you find meaning .

We must learn to live  a  little  more slowly, to discover beautiful things , that  in the rush,   escape  us .   I'm not where I was ,  although essentially  I  continue to have  the same  basis of  yesteryear.   I decided again and again each year  to choose  to be a little happier , and  to require less to keep on living ..... not  to  obtain  happiness , for that does not exist,  but ... to live and provide others , and to  myself ,  happy moments.

Life, thanks to the God  I know ,  and to the  attitude I have chosen,  has failed to embitter me,   despite the many sorrows and difficulties , diseases and losses  of all kinds,   I've  endured   in over six decades . I  have given up , as I always say , the that  victim role,   and do not hold grudges and hatreds  that   only  lead  nowhere but  to occupy  a  space  that can be  best   filled with love and kindness .    I laugh a lot,  that   is very healthy, and  I  combine tears of sadness and joy  in the everyday  struggle .    I have insisted  in  Living .   That's why,  I stopped to pick up a duckling,  dying in a parking lot  and put it next to his mother , and stay  next to the Mother Duck , until he died .... or  photograph   about 70 birds  bathing  happily   in a puddle of water  after  the   rain ,  or stay  inside my car,  admiring   a sunset  or  full moon,  or   watching  a couple  of pigeons in love  on the  electric line in the street.   I'm still writing , gathering  artists  and writers  at home every month, to support    art and culture,  so that  we  all   develop our potential  and reach  our  ideals and dreams.

There are many poor and sick children ,  marginalized and  unemployed persons , which may  very well be that   same  Jesus,  we love  and  want to celebrate.  There are  forgotten  elderly  in nursing homes ,  there are many homeless wanderers , and still  many  of us  are  always questioning  whether  they need the money  they ask  for,   or not.    It is   so  difficult  for us,   to give love and support , when it is better  to  fill our hearts  of  generosity  and simply  offer what we can , and  let God  make  the   judgments .    But we have not learned to live with the freedom to live ... Yes to live  and to   follow our own dreams ...  We only  live  to watch other people's  lives,  to criticize ,  harass,  prosecute , convict , and  in many cases,  slander  them,   instead  of living  our own. 

Life has more meaning than we see . It makes no sense if you live without goals. Take  an  interest in others,  not to criticize , but to know,  to love , and to help them. 

Perform  a task,  something meaningful ,  that stays  for future generations.  Make a difference , leave a legacy , you will be helping not only  others  but  yourself .   It is the best investment  we can make , you'll  become a  much better human being.  You will be an example  for many , perhaps  for someone  who  did not have  the example of a good father or a good mother, or  for those  who lacked a figure  to guide them .

Perhaps  your way of life , helps others  to  live theirs ... I know ... this  year , unknowingly,  I was able  to avoid that a friend  commits  suicide.  That gave   more meaning to  my life  than  any  material  gift.  Because my love and support to her,  and her way  to see me,  made it happen,  and   I gave her  the  most precious  gift,  the gift of life, and I didn't know until later.

I have shared anecdotes , stories from other media with all of you, throughout the year , on my walls and blogs,  telling you  how can we go on  becoming gradually  real  and  genuine  human beings ( as someone said , a better version of ourselves) searching  for happy  moments  not  only for ourselves  but with, and  for  others as well. 

Living  unafraid  to forgive  or  ask forgiveness.  Without hesitation , even if it's a stranger, as I did giving FREE  HUGS  amid a  shopping  mall, although I have been criticized.  To share feelings , pictures , stories , without  much  fear  of the world.

All of you, with your notes and comments , cards and letters , calls and physical hugs, have given more meaning to my life, my work , my beliefs, and therefore , you have given them  to  daughter,  since the better I feel,  I communicate  that  to her  in her sickbed . Let's create  and live  our own destiny, and  to  feel  a greater joy  in living  and  to  let  others  live .

Sometimes we blame ourselves for the choices we made in life, and even with the passing of time , we are  still sorry .   I know  because  I have.  But maybe  all we have  lived , made  us  the way  we  are today.  Sometimes we let  these  elections or other circumstances beyond our control , mark us  for the rest of our lives.  We may,  if not erase them totally , try to  eliminate the damage , we have to try .  In my case ,  I turn to the help of  that  God I know , and so far , it has gone well.

I continue my quest to live fully, despite many obstacles , that some of you  know. Surviving, always looking  for the best, the happiest , the most human , the most loving in everything in my life , or  I will die trying , but  will  never quit.  

For this we have to evolve , continue to feed the inner child . I recently read about a group of children in a school, who launched to the air dozens of balloons with a note to Santa Claus tied to them before  throwing  them flying.  A balloon exploded  in the air and  the note came down  where a farmer was working.  This  person  via  Facebook,  could  locate the  8-year  old  girl , and grant the requested gifts.

We must make others  happy , whenever we can ... And  without a  doubt ,  if  we  have  offended  or  hurt  someone,  we must  rectify .  Unfortunately,  this  is  mistakenly  taken  for  a  weakness ,  when it is  one of the strongest qualities possessed  by a  human  being.

We must also seek wisdom , not only of the mind but of the heart . Knowing all that we can possible learn,  extending   our conception of the world , no  limits ,   to  accommodate  everyone,  since there is  a  lot of ignorance .  That way,  we can overcome  suffering,  and  love  others  more  freely .   And indeed,  we will avoid diseases like   Cancer  or  Alzheimer's , since  our mind  is  always  occupied  in expanding itself.

You have to search and search, to find . Do not  stick to unnecessary things.   So I  empty my closets , I sell clothes and shoes on  Garage Sales , during  times of financial  need,  or  have  donated  generously  to those who have nothing to wear or  pass  shortcomings  due  to disasters  such  as  a hurricane  or an  earthquake.    I have  stopped eating  at  times, to  provide for another ... yet , many friends have come to bring me help in times of scarcity and difficulty.    That is, find a reason to live , to keep the balance between reality and what we can achieve within that reality , with a full mental state of calm and peace . This manages to provide us with  a healthy body and mind.

We have to create our world, not fail to be objective , but to create our own heaven, our own paradise, where we do  good things, leaving a mark that will benefit  others.  Whenever we can ,  deliver more than what we get , skip  the sufferings,  our own  and those of   others ;   be fair,  confront  what  is not  good  or fair ;  let's  share what  we have , to be generous , contributing to the lives of others  not  only  material t hings,  but those of  the spirit.

Teach others to help themselves  also . If we have greater financial resources , we can help many more people achieve their goals , but  do not create  parasites,  teach  them to fend for themselves .  Not only give them fish but teach them to fish .

Being honest and responsible , loving God if you are a believer , knowing even more  about Him, each day , especially in your dealings with others , and if you're not a believer,  respect those who do ,  showing your greatness , and acceptance.

Every person who comes into our lives , transforms it ; each human being we touch,  touches  us .  Do not be lazy to the pain of others.  Be compassionate, but do  not exploit   suffering.  Look  and learn to be happy.  Sometimes  we cannot help a person who cannot  or  will not help himself . Then let her/him  go.  That's why  I deleted  phone numbers from  my mobile phone,  people  who are no longer in my life;   I have  erased or deleted  some of those called  'friends' on Facebook , and  I let go of things and situations , people,  who have nothing to do with me . However,  I pray for all of them  and I even rejoice  if  they  continue on with their own dreams and adventures. This is not only good , but  it  is also healthy ... we are all  important  to a greater  or  lesser  degree.

Do not fear the tears and the feelings of love and friendship.  Sometimes you fear being hurt , and walk away,  or  lock yourself when life is made of  laughter and tears.   You cannot  avoid  life,  even if you want it,   because you are a human. Search for beauty, the arts , literature . If you have talent and art..then,  create, invent , and share .    Make plans , find someone to help you ,  made them happen.   Eat, drink , enjoy with friends and family.  Have  a  pet  and learns  from it.  Watch and learn with Nature ... plants , animals , the earth and stones , the colors that God gives us in each  landscape,   that not  even the most famous and ancient artist  have been able to emulate.

Do what you got to do sometimes,  to improve your life or  that of others , but do not despair , and remember ... there will always be injustice , abuse, and pain;   rich and poor,  good  and  evil;  corrupt  and  lying  politicians ;  shootings and assaults;  discrimination in every way ;  hypocritical  SOB  religious , envious people ;   murderers  of  bodies and dreams;     but do not forget  there are also  sunsets, kisses and lovers ;  children laughing and playing , very spiritual beings who sacrifice  everything for the welfare of others ;  mothers who love and give their  life for her kids , sick people  facing long sufferings are doomed,  and  still manage   abundance  of smiles and love ;  jails full of  lost  men , but  also  imprisoned   regretful  and  even innocent ones ;  there is much more good than bad , after all .

Life , my friends, it makes sense ... but  you  have to give it, yourself ... I had to struggle and  still  suffer much, but  I have forgiven  and  I have  apologized ;  I have succeeded and failed;   I have  been  betrayed and I  have been  loved;  I have understood  and sometimes  I have been unkind ;   I ' ve  cried  and  I've been alone,  I have laughed  of  myself  a lot , and  I crashed sometimes , but  I knew how to get up.   I could  have done  so  much more , and I didn't.   Other times ,  I did too much .

I know , I know what is the meaning of my life:  to  love and  to build , not  to destroy  or  hate ... despite  everything, and whatever they say .  So I invite you to the  destination  where I am going , my dear ones .... Life is a mystery to live, not a problem to solve ..... I'm accompanied  by the God I know.... and that  goal , my destiny is:
'Live , Live , Live .... that  Life is a Banquet ' (* )
and  most  people ,  not  knowing how to live , are  dying of starvation.. lol.

(* ) Words of actress Rosalind Russell in the film ' Auntie Mame , ' 1958.

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