Sunday, April 16, 2017

A Miami woman shares free hugs to demonstrate love

A Miami woman shares free hugs to demonstrate love

by Ruben Soto

With all of the turmoil that we have going on in the world, it’s good to hear about someone who is doing something positive.

Xiomara Pages giving a free hug
Xiomara Pages, an author and journalist from Miami, held her annual “Free Hugs Day” at the same local pharmacy where she has done this every year. She was accompanied by her good friend and poet, Zenaida Hernandez.

Zenaida Hernández 
Why does she continue to do this?
“I do it to offer and show love. We are bombarded with bad news about violence, murders, and hate. I want everyone to love like Christ asked us to do,” said Xiomara with a sparkle in her eyes.

As she and Zenaida stood outside with their “Free Hugs/Abrazos Gratis” signs several people accepted a hug, and everyone felt so much better after sharing this special moment with a complete stranger.

“This “Free Hugs Day” is being done all over the world – in Europe in countries like Italy, France, and also in Latin America. We need to share love with everyone because life is short and we never know when we will leave this world”.

Xiomara Pages and Ruben Soto in 2014
What a great example of sharing love on this special Easter weekend by Xiomara Pages. Hopefully, she can inspire many others to do the same in their local community.

Xiomara proudly showing her “Free Hugs” sign

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