Friday, July 3, 2015

American Independence Day: 4th of July......2015

American Independence Day:  4th of July
de Xiomara J. Pages
Julio 3, 2015

Another year, another celebration... families together,  fireworks and rockets..... and I keep reading what so many of my friends have commented on their blogs and walls.  They have made me  think how  grateful  we should be   and  so  privileged  to live in this great  nation.

On this land, where I had my children and grandchildren. Where my parents are buried.  Where I have worked and contributed with all my heart to make it yet a better place, and dignifying the memory of my native land,  not taking advantages from this new land, but giving those to it,  with my culture, my work,  my native language and my roots.  I am  thankful eternally  to my parents for their decision to bring me here  to live  with freedom, and my family and I swore to make our stay here as great as this nation has been  and deserves.

The land where I was born (Cuba), though  still loving it like in a dream, very much inside of me, like a loyal tattoo on my heart..  it is far away,  I  haven't seen it since I left,   still find myself praying  for it, since it's  still suffering.

Today, I feel this land as mine.  I have lived more years here  than  where I was born,  I haven't seen Cuba, most of my folks have died, and  I don't want to visit a land that is still stained with blood.   I became an American citizen by choice, to love and to live here as one of their own.  You don't stop loving your first child for having a second or a third, you love them all.  That's the way I feel.

And since I love this land, I suffer with everything that is not right in it, as I suffer what's not right in my native land.  Too many bad  government decisions sadden my Independence Day, and I pray and pray this land does not reach the same destiny my native land has reached. 

The Left, the Liberals and Communism only get  to power to destroy people, and they use whatever means to reach that goal.  Like Machiavelli, they think that anything can be done, no matter what the consequences may be  for the end result will be justified.  And that is the terrible problem, since they do not stop at anything. The masses follow without realizing the dirty game they are playing on them,  the double  stand, manipulations and lies.

So, today, I ask my fellow citizens, to PRAY,  to pray for this unique land that we all share, asking God to protect and guide it,  to save it from the Evil of these times.  Amen.

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